BaaS Powered Virtual Assets

After more than a year of application practice, in-depth study, and analysis of a series of blockchain technologies, ugChain has designed the best virtual asset management platform.

User's virtual assets register on the blockchain, and match the personal address; Once virtual assets registered on the platform, the assets flow turn into a decentralized form from the center controls
Platform Scientifically defines a set of common standards for virtual assets, make the free circulation of virtual assets possible

Global Blockchain Game
Developers Alliance

We are the of one core leaders behind Global Blockchain Game Developer Alliance to empower the indie blockchain games development.

Developer Alliance Competition
From the integrated application of innovation, advance technolgy, application value, and blockchain to spawn more excellent applications, forming a powerful blockchain application developer’s ecosystem.
Explore the blockchain game in cooperation, innovate blockchain games and technology. Put your hacker hat on for ugChain’s hackathons. Our events offer opportunity to ideators, inventors and developers to showcase their skills as they take on a challenge to collaborate and create a novel prototype.
Channel Alliance
Integrate blockchain game channels, reduce developer costs and promote the effective integration and sharing of resources.
Vendor Alliance
Unite blockchain game developers to share and explore blockchain game development experiences and technologies.